A.N.A.S. relies on ED.CUBE

Posted on: 5 December 2016 Elettrondata has recently established a strategic synergy in the public sector with the A.N.A.S. of the Calabria Region. Relying on the company's many years of experience, the Anas division of Calabria based in Catanzaro has indeed found excellent results in the use of the ED.CUBE identification system for the traceability of concrete samples. The pilot [...]

New Automation System for Conglomerate Plants

Posted on: 13 June 2016 The new version of automation for Conglomerati plants was developed on SCADA Movicon of Progea. The supervisor was born to manage a continuous plant for the production of asphalts. From the supervisor it is possible to manage both in automatic and in manual, all the utilities present in the system, excluding in this way all [...]

Cement Storage Facility in Malta

Posted on: 4 May 2014

A new automation created by Elettrondata The installation and testing of our automation for a cement storage and sale plant in Malta were successfully concluded. The supervisor allows the management of a large cement storage silo, subdivided internally into 48 sectors. Continuous levels allow you to automatically define which of these sectors should be loaded. […]

BETONWIN: New release

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A new update and important features for BETONWIN Betonwin, one of the most used software in Italy to automate concrete mixing plants receives a substantial update, enriched with new important features. From today all the data concerning the plant, concerning production, stocks, cycle data and events are stored on SQL database with the possibility of […]

Mixed cemented on SCADA platform

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An automation system for cemented mixed plants Elettrondata has developed an automation system for cemented mixed plants and road surfaces. The automation can be installed on the latest generation PC or on industrial Panel PCs. The maximum configuration of the automation software includes 6 aggregates, 2 cements, 2 waters and up to 4 additives. The […]